Best CRO Agency: Our Top 5 Choices in 2022

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Does your website get flooded with visitors who don’t convert? You may be happy that people get to your site and engage with your business, but if that doesn't translate into leads and customers, your website may not be doing its job properly.

If this situation resonates with you, your business needs to implement a conversion rate optimization (CRO) process. Compared to channels like SEO and social media, CRO is a complex process that requires deep expertise, a strong team, and proven systems.

If your company can’t handle that much work, a CRO agency can help you.

In this article, we'll look at what a CRO agency does, what the top companies in the space are, and how to pick one for your company.


What Does a CRO Agency Do?

A CRO agency is responsible for executing a conversion rate optimization process for a website, which includes several separate but related tasks, such as:

  • Running qualitative analysis methods like surveys and interviews 
  • Using quantitative data to set performance benchmarks
  • Strategizing experiments for improving said benchmarks
  • Running and optimizing each experiment
  • Gathering feedback and iterating on new experiments

A CRO agency bridges a company's marketing strategy with the psychographic and demographic aspects that define a user’s behavior to create tests that lift the website's performance. This task requires asking thought-provoking questions like:

  • At what point are visitors leaving the customer journey and why?
  • What are the best-performing channels?
  • What ads and campaigns generate the best results?
  • What are the most and least profitable segments?
  • What do people say and think about the company's value proposition?

According to Smart Insights,  the most common CRO methods used are:

Through a disciplined execution of the process of CRO, an agency presents potential solutions that solve the issues from a company's weak results. CRO agencies can't promise or speculate in their ideas' results; they let their experiments speak for themselves.

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Top Benefits of Working with a CRO Agency

Boost Your Website Performance

Every website has problems in its design and execution that lessens its efficiency. Perfection may not exist, but marketers must always strive for it. If they don’t have the time to optimize a website for conversions, then an agency can do the hard work for them.

A CRO agency is experienced in uncovering every obstacle your website creates to fulfill its potential, including:

  • A poor user experience that stops people from taking action
  • An unclear pricing page or plans
  • A complex signup or checkout flow

None of these issues are caused on purpose, of course; any web design team crafts a website to the best of their abilities. The problems come from a lack of understanding of site visitors’ behaviors and how to present the information correctly.

The CRO process will help you uncover your visitors' needs and desires so your website can present the right solutions to meet your business objectives.

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Lower Your Acquisition Costs

Even though CRO agencies aren't responsible for managing your marketing campaigns (unless it is a full-service digital marketing agency like Single Grain #humblebrag), they can tell you what channels and communication messages work best for your target audience.

For example, they may find that a large portion of the audience that visits your site but leaves before converting comes from Facebook Ads, while the ones from Google Ads perform two times better. They can also tell you that the expectations generated in the ads are the cause of the low performance.

With this information, you could simply turn off the unprofitable channel and scale the better-performing one while also improving the messaging. The result? Lower acquisition costs (and higher profits).

Get to Know Your Visitors and Customers Better

No conversion rate optimization process starts without a deep dive into your visitors and buyers. As mentioned earlier, the data collected serves to create tests and optimize your messaging. But a positive result of this research is that you can learn a lot about your visitors and customers.

The insights you get from this data provide an endless stream of opportunities such as:

  • Finding new potential revenue streams
  • Optimizing your current features
  • Upsell and cross-sell your products more efficiently
  • Build a communication strategy that resonates with your audience
  • Create customer support and sales scripts that help the respective teams fulfill their goals effectively

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What to Look for in a CRO Agency

Frameworks and Processes

The CRO process combines the art of persuasion (i.e., marketing) with the science of data analysis. To do so, it leverages proven frameworks and processes that systematize every task to achieve a lift in your website's performance.

There are multiple CRO frameworks that experts have developed over the years, some broader (e.g., the LIFT model and ResearchXL framework) and some more focused in scope (e.g., the PIE framework, used for evaluating test ideas). Here's a sample PIE prioritization analysis:

PIE prioritization analysis chart

However, the best CRO agencies use their own frameworks and processes developed over the years based on their experience and observations. Ask about these when you talk with an agency.

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Passion for Data

The CRO process excels in data. Without it, there can be no insights on which to act.

When it comes to conversion rate optimization, educated guesses are acceptable; gambles are not.

Professional CRO agencies employ many data-driven marketers, data analysts, engineers, statisticians, and even mathematicians to carry on their work. When you talk to a CRO agency, expect to hear questions about your data. If they don’t talk about data and numbers, beware.

Multi-Channel Expertise

Executing a conversion rate optimization process is a multi-disciplinary task that requires expertise in any marketing channel a company may use. 

Even though a CRO agency may not execute your campaigns, they need to understand how each channel works, their audiences, and how to communicate to them.

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What Does a CRO Agency Charge?

CRO agency services vary a lot in price depending on the amount of work required and their experience. Since their services are tied to their results, expect to pay a premium. However, this shouldn't be an issue as the results should pay for themselves.

The best part about working with a CRO agency is that they won’t spend your money on ads or long-term projects like SEO. Instead, they will overhaul your website UX and UI, communication strategy, and marketing channels to cut what doesn't work and scale what does.

Three standard pricing methods that conversion optimization agencies use to charge their clients include:

  • Monthly retainer: You pay a flat fee every month. This price likely will fall if you only need a specific deliverable, like a heuristics evaluation or a heat map implementation.
  • Project-based: You pay for a given set of deliverables. For example, you may want to increase your lead sign-up rate by 25%. The agency would work with you until they hit that target.
  • Performance-based: The most probable option ties their pricing to the results they generate. This is fair for both parties as they are incentivized to generate results. However, make sure that they do so sustainably, as some methods may work in the short term only (e.g., slash your prices and increase your conversion rate but earn less money).

Top 5 CRO Agencies

1) Single Grain

  • Top Clients: Uber, Salesforce, Semrush
  • Pricing: Projects start at $10,000

Single Grain marketing agency home page

Single Grain is a full-service digital marketing agency with more than 70 employees that provides CRO services to SaaS, e-commerce, and online businesses. For over a decade, we have crafted and executed profitable marketing campaigns through every channel, such as SEO, email marketing, and social media. 

The services that CRO agencies provide rarely balance acquisition with optimization. That’s not what we do. While one part of our team excels in customer acquisition, the other is responsible for uncovering buyer psychology to gather unparalleled in-depth customer data analysis and improve your website conversion rate.

We apply our proven frameworks and follow the best practices to ensure the results your company desires.

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2) Invesp

  • Top Clients: 3M, eBay, Target
  • Pricing: Projects start at $10,000

Invesp home page

Invesp is a leading CRO agency that has worked with over 600 clients to increase their site performance and profits. Based in Chicago, Invesp specializes in conversion optimization, UX design, and corporate training.

Invesp is the second agency in North America to offer CRO services. Their founders, Khalid Saleh and Ayat Shukairy, wrote one of the best books on the subject: Conversion Optimization: The Art and Science of Converting Prospects to Customers.

60% of Invesp's clients are in the e-commerce space, while the rest belong to the lead generation, SaaS, and affiliate industries. They claim an average 20-45% increase in sales through their CRO services.

3) SiteTuners

  • Top Clients: Cisco, Google, Intuit
  • Pricing: Projects start at $1,000

SiteTuners home page

SiteTuners is a CRO agency that enables companies to grow and increase their revenues through measurable experimentation methods. Since 2002, the agency has helped over 1,500 clients generate over $1 billion in additional revenue.

The type of businesses SiteTuners work with are mid-market companies in a wide range of sectors, including software, e-commerce, government, professional services, and home services.

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4) Northpeak

  • Top Clients: Joy Organics, Pre-Order Now, Smarty
  • Pricing: Projects start at $5,000

Northpeak home page

Northpeak is a CRO agency that offers cutting-edge conversion optimization services for B2B and B2C companies in the SaaS and e-commerce spaces.

Besides their conversion optimization solutions, the agency has extensive experience with UX and UI design, web development, data analysis, and customer acquisition and retention.

Their approach to CRO starts by cleaning up the analytics and improving data collection to start user research later on. This step includes implementing qualitative and quantitative sources such as heat maps, click maps, scroll maps, and survey tools.

After developing testing hypotheses and ensuring that the tracking works, they design and execute the A/B tests. Finally, they analyze the data to improve their client’s messaging, targeting, funnel, landing pages, content, and UX.

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5) ConversionAdvocates

  • Top Clients: Fixer, Kettlebell Kings, The Paint People
  • Pricing: Projects start at $5,000


ConversionAdvocates is a CRO agency based in Montreal that aims to translate data into actionable insights for better performance. Founded in 2013, they use their proprietary IIEA Framework to help businesses consistently increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve the overall experience they give their customers.

The agency starts the CRO process by assessing their client’s current campaigns and performance. Next, they implement the IIEA Framework to uncover optimization opportunities in every revenue stream.

The company claims to have run over 10,000 experiments since its foundation, which have delivered millions of dollars in sales.

Top Factors to Consider Before Hiring a CRO Agency

Throughout this article, we covered everything you need to know to hire the best CRO agency for your company. In conclusion, let’s take a quick TL;DR view of what you need to know:

  • If your marketing campaigns have hit a performance ceiling, you should consider working with a CRO agency.
  • The importance of conversion rate optimization as a process can’t be overstated; it lifts your entire organization’s efficiency by crafting websites that resonate with your audience.
  • CRO agencies price their services high, but the rewards pay for themselves in a relatively short time (usually less than six months).
  • The best CRO agencies follow proven frameworks and processes, obsess over data, and execute creative tests to generate the results your company desires.

If you are ready to get started, talk to any of the five CRO agencies mentioned in this article and see how they can revamp your marketing strategy. You won’t be disappointed.

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